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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Hey guys!! It's me, Nikeva, owner & lead planner of SouthWind Events (#SWE). In case you're wondering my name is pronounced Ni-key-va. If you think you won't remember or pronounce it correctly, feel free to call me Keva (Key-va) or simply Nikki. I will respond to any of the three.

I'm new to the world of blogging, but I decided to give it a shot to try to connect with all of you and share a bit of what happens in the world of #SouthWindEvents. Social media can be feel so intimate, yet so distant at the same time, and I wanted a better way to connect with my clients and friends. So let's give this a shot!

I guess I will start this journey by telling you a bit about myself...just a bit though. I gotta save some stuff for later! :-)

I live in Chicago, but I'm originally from Washington, DC. I actually grew up in a neighborhood that's considered part of Capitol Hill and is within walking distance of the original home of the Washington Redskins football team, RFK Stadium (named after Robert F. Kennedy). I relocated to Chicago after accepting a post-college job offer, where I only minimal used my Electrical Engineering degree. The first 2 years on the job were 100% travel (literally, 100%!!), but that got old & I was able to settle here in Chi-town. The past 20 yrs have been quite the journey, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

So how did I go from designing control system circuits to planning events & weddings? Well, I didn't really; I was already do it...kinda! You see, after the first 2 yrs on my job, I shifted into a project management role at work. I created & managed schedules, procured resources, supported & lead team members, daily solved seen & unforeseen problems and made sure that the end product was exactly what the customer asked for, if not better. Now, for each event I plan, I do the exact same thing - make sure all tasks are completed to schedule, find the best vendors, anticipate & mitigate problems, & make sure your day is all that you want it to be, if not better!! It's the same skillset, just used in a different vain. Best part is, I get be creative now - using color, texture, music, and smells to create an experience that pleases you & your guests!

It's been about 15yrs now since I been planning events, and I love every moment of it....ok, not EVERY moment, but definitely most of them. I love to see my clients reactions when they enter their space, hear their gasps & see their tears of joy. These moments make all the challenges & stresses worth it. These are the moments I work toward & what I find great joy in.

Well, that's my story for now. Next time, I'll tell you how SWE came to be! Until then, remember...with SouthWind Events, it's Your Day Your Vision Our Mission!


Here's me just a few weeks ago in Vegas...no photo shoot, no filter; just me!

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